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Compensation amounts for ‘toxic sofa’ victims to be decided

The High Court in London will today start deciding how much compensation the many victims of ‘toxic sofa’ burns will receive.

Approximately 5000 people from all over the UK have developed severe skin problems after purchasing the Chinese leather sofas, which were contaminated with anti-mould chemical dimethyl fumarate.

Stores Argos, Land of Leather and Walmsley Furnishing have all sold the sofas to customers. All are having personal injury compensation claims made against them; in what it is the largest consumer injury claim in UK history.

The sofas are believed to have leaked out the chemicals when body heat warmed up the surface of the leather. This resulted in clothes being penetrated, followed by the victim’s skin. Main symptoms have been losing layers of skin, rashes, skin going very hot and seeping fluid.

The retailers have since stopped selling the offending sofas, whilst Land of Leather went into administration earlier this year.

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