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Compensation claim by Prisoner for Kidney Stones Criticised

A prisoner who suffered from kidney stones in jail and did not have them treated correctly has won a compensation claim for his treatment.

The prisoner has an addiction to drugs which is thought to have triggered his medical condition or at the very least to have made the condition seriously worse. He is a former heroin addict who continues to regularly take amphetamine. In fact, the career criminal had been arrested for possession of £70 worth of amphetamine. These drugs that the man had regularly taken into his body have had a serious adverse effect on his health.

The prisoner was diagnosed with the kidney stones during his time inside, but they were not dealt with sufficiently by staff in the prison. He went on to be given £27,000 compensation for this poor standard of treatment.

The incident was reported in Police Review magazine, receiving condemnation from senior police figures. One stated that he thought that the compensation money should be given to the victims of his crimes as compensation, as the former prisoner is already receiving money from the state in terms of benefits. Some people are arguing that cases such as this do harm to the genuine cases brought by the public to claim compensation after receiving unacceptable medical treatment.

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