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Compensation Claim Payout for Care Home Abuse Victims

A group of former care home residents are set to receive payouts for their compensation claims after suffering years of abuse.

One hundred and fifty victims are making the claim against Manchester Council, who operated the homes during the 1970s and 80s. The claims relate to numerous homes around Manchester at the time, although a majority of victims are thought to have been residents at Rosehill home in Northenden.

A five year Police investigation was launched into claims of child abuse in 1997. It uncovered widespread abuse of children during the time period and resulted in six successful prosecutions. These included that of Ronald Hall, who was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for 21 counts of sexual and physical abuse of children while working at Broome House care home in Didsbury.

In 2007, Manchester Council paid £2million pounds in compensation to 168 victims of abuse but is now facing further claims. This second group of claimants is 150 strong, and consists of those who were reluctant to come forward earlier or who missed the initial claim for compensation. Their legal team has reported in the Manchester Evening News that the group has accepted an offer by Manchester Council to settle out of court. This offer would see them accept a 45% reduction in the settlement but avoid a traumatic court appearance. The compensation settlement is expected to be in the region of £2million pounds, split between them.

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