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Compensation Claim Underway after Fall from School Roof

A compensation claim is reported to be underway after a worker fell from a school roof.

A building firm has just been fined in regards to the incident that happened in August last year at Lakelands School, Ellesmere. The construction firm RG Stones (Buildings) Ltd were undertaking work on the premises, on the wooden canopy of a roof.

William Phillips was injured when he fell from this canopy, and landed on the concrete floor three metres below. He suffered serious injury in the fall, fracturing his back, sternum, ribs and wrist. He has not been able to return to work since, and struggles to lift things.

Last week Mr Phillips’ employers pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety regulations at Shrewsbury Magistrates court in regards to the accident. The men had received verbal instructions but written instructions were inadequate. They had been provided with two soft landing bags, but these were not placed under the work area. The company was fined £6,500.

The Shropshire Star is reporting that Mr Philips is making a work accident claim against the firm for the injuries he suffered.

A spokesperson for the company stated that they take health and safety extremely seriously, noting that the accident was the first such incident in 22 years trading.

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