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Compensation claims made fraudulently after road traffic accident hoaxes

A man who fraudulently helped people making compensation claims by causing a road traffic accident has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

24 year-old Mohammed Patel admitted to causing at least 93 car crashes in the Greater Manchester area deliberately in order to help car owners make compensation claims and receive insurance payouts.

His staged crashes cost insurance companies around £17,000 for each individual ‘accident’.

Charging his ‘clients’ £500 to stage a road traffic accident, Mr Patel tended to favour using roundabouts and forced a slow-speed collision by braking suddenly in front of the other car. By using the client’s car he would then hand it back to them in order for them to make an insurance claim and further compensation claims if they so wished.

It is believed that Mr Patel made around £46,000 at the expense of third-party insurance companies.

The fraudulent compensation claims were realised by workers who overlooked the Eden Point Roundabout on the A34 in Stockport. The staff there realised that a road traffic accident caused by Mr Patel was followed by another similar collision within the space of an hour. Photos showed that the driver of the car in front was Mr Patel on both occasions.

Nick Starling of the Association of British Insurers said: “These frauds put innocent lives at risk and push up the cost of motor insurance for honest customers.”

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