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Compensation for Bricklayer Injured by Electric Shock whilst Building Wall

A bricklayer, who suffered a massive electric shock whilst he was building a wall, is reported to be set to receive a compensation payout.

Keith Watson – a self-employed builder – was undertaking work at a stables in Weymouth back in 2009. The owner of the field was renting one of his fields to a woman who ran donkey rides at Weymouth sea-front.

The owner needed a wall built in the field to stop the donkeys from getting close to the nearby main road. As Mr Watson was building the wall, he hammered a short pin a small distance into the ground. However, it struck a mains power cable, and he suffered a high voltage electric shock.

The shock set Mr Watson’s t-shirt on fire, and he suffered serious burns. He also suffered damage to his internal organs and had to be put into an induced coma whilst he was treated at hospital.

The Dorset Echo reports that Mr Watson has gone on to seek compensation from the stables owner, and a decision on liability for the incident has just been taken at the High Court. It was argued that previous work on the land had lowered the ground level and brought the cables closer to the surface. The owner of the stables denied responsibility for the accident.

However, the paper reports that a compromise settlement has been agreed by both parties. This decision means that Mr Watson’s electric shock claim will result in him receiving compensation. The exact amount of the settlement will be decided at a later date.

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