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Compensation for Delivery Driver Attacked by Japanese Fighting Dog

A delivery driver, who was attacked by a large Japanese fighting dog, is reported to have received compensation.

Derek Brady was injured by the dog whilst delivering a parcel in May 2010. As he approached the house, he saw the Japanese Akita tied up outside.

Mr Brady soon discovered that the owners of the house were not at home, and as the dog seemed placid, decided to leave the parcel in a nearby shed. However, as he was writing out a notice to go with the parcel, the dog attacked him and bit his leg.

He reports to the Hull Daily Mail that he somehow managed to fight the dog off but it had left a wound on his leg with the bone sticking out. An ambulance rushed him to the nearest hospital where he underwent surgery and skin graft procedures. The injuries kept him off work for six months.

He has been left with a scar and struggles to get up and down stairs in the winter. The paper reports that he has now received dog attack compensation from the owner’s home insurance company.

The dog was seized by the police after the accident and had to be destroyed. The owners were taken to court.

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