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Compensation for Evicted Mentally Ill Man

A compensation payment of £1,250 has been ordered to be paid by Bournemouth Council after they evicted a mentally ill tenant.

The Bournemouth Echo newspaper has reported that the mentally ill man – whose name has not been released – was then forced to sleep rough for a period of four weeks. This of course would be a traumatic experience for anyone, mental health problems or not.

An investigation was carried out by the Local Government Ombudsman after a complaint was made. They found that the Council was aware of the man’s mental health issues but failed to investigate if this was a factor in his failure to pay his rent. The man was failing to make any contact with the Council, refusing to open his door or answer calls or letters.

The Local Government Ombudsman investigates complaints made against Councils. It ordered that compensation should be paid due to the anxiety and trauma that they had caused to a vulnerable individual. It criticised the Councils’ handling of the case and in return, Bournemouth Council has now amended its policies.

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