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Compensation for Man Struck by Car whilst on Pavement

A man, who was struck by a car as he was walking on the pavement, is reported to have been awarded compensation.

Dion Curry was walking along Eccleshall Road in Sheffield when the incident happened in October 2008.The driver of an Audi R8 travelling along the road, lost control of the vehicle and struck a Volkswagen Golf. This caused the Golf to mount the pavement and hit Mr Curry.

The force of the collision knocked Mr Curry through an adjacent shop window and he suffered serious injuries. He was unconscious after the incident and was rushed to hospital, where he remained for two weeks.

Mr Curry was treated for a head injury (which causes him headaches and concentration problems) and a back injury (which requires regular trips to a chiropractor). On top of this he was been left with scarring from the effects of going through the glass window.

The Star reports that he has now received pedestrian accident compensation from the insurers of the Audi in an out-of-court settlement. The exact amount of the settlement has not been reported but it is confirmed that it is in the five-figure region.

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