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Compensation for Patient who Suffered Poor Post-Op Care

Compensation has been awarded to a patient who suffered a cardiac arrest two weeks after surgery.

The unnamed woman underwent an operation to remove her gall bladder in September 2002. She was suffering from multiple gallstones at the time and therefore underwent the procedure at Derriford Hospital.

Whilst the surgery itself was successful, she suffered from post –surgery complications. These complications caused bile to leak into her system, which as well as causing pain, caused sepsis and finally resulted in her suffering a cardiac arrest.

The cardiac arrest has left her with brain damage and in need of care. The Plymouth Herald reports that with the help of her family, the woman made a negligence claim against the Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

Her legal team is reported to have argued that the care she received at the hospital after her operation was below standard. The NHS Trust has not admitted liability for the injuries she suffered but is reported to have settled the claim.

The compensation settlement was approved at the High Court in London this week. It will see the woman receive £107,000 coupled with annual payments of £20,000. The money is intended to cover the cost of her care.

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