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Compensation given to cyclist struck by uninsured driver

A cyclist who was on a bike ride in Harborough has received a compensation claim when he was knocked of his bike and injured by and uninsured driver.

It was heard in court that the uninsured driver, Robin Perry aged thirty five had failed to give way to the cyclist as he was turning right and was hit by the cyclist. As Mr Perry looked he saw the injured cyclist rolling around on the floor.

Mr Perry said that he had not seen the cyclist as he was turning right as the sun was in his eyes he followed up saying: “I should have taken more time in looking but the sun was coming down the hill and the cyclist was coming down the hill and I hit him.”

The cyclist spent a night in the Leicester royal infirmary and suffered a sprained ankle and broken wrist as a result of the driver’s negligence.

Mr Perry was charged with driving without insurance and without due care and attention. He pleaded guilty to both accounts, was banned from driving for nine months and ordered to pay compensation claim payout to the cyclist of £200, legal costs of £60 and a fine of £355.

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