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Conservative Party Rules out Change to Personal Injury Compensation System

The conservative party has revealed this week that if it is elected in the coming general election it will not be making significant changes to the personal injury compensation system.

The shadow justice minister Henry Bellingham has been reporting to law reporters this week the apparent change in Conservative policy. Mr Bellingham was speaking in regards to Lord Justice Jackson’s review into the personal injury system. One of his key proposals was to ban the use of referral fees for injury cases. In only November of last year, Mr Bellingham had himself admitted that “there is a very strong case to get rid of them.” However, he and his party seem to have done a dramatic u-turn by describing referral fees this week as “nothing dishonourable.”

Mr Bellingham was also critical of another of Justice Jackson’s proposals, that of stopping successful solicitors from claiming their fees from the losing side. He instead insisted that the true way to cut the costs of the industry was to prevent some cases from going to court. He noted that a Conservative Government would consult the industry on all of the proposals, as he admitted that some were just not workable.

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