Construction Accident Claims Solicitor

Construction Accident Claims Solicitor

The construction industry is notoriously dangerous, accounting for over 50 fatalities every year. It is a sad fact that many of these construction work accidents could be prevented if proper health and safety regulations were followed. The UK construction industry has one of the best safety records in Europe, but unfortunately accidents and injuries still happen because building sites are full of potential hazards. These include working at height, heavy machinery and power tools. These hazards combined with the physical nature of the work mean that accidents and injuries are common. Young and inexperienced construction workers are at particular risk as they are frequently given the more hazardous jobs. Work injuries can often result in having to take significant time off, this can have major financial implications. By using a construction accident claims solicitor, you can claim compensation which can help you financially with the cost of an accident.

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As with all jobs, employers in the construction industry are required by law to protect the safety of their employees and prevent accidents. This can include many factors, including making sure staff are trained correctly, maintaining machinery and ensuring health and safety guidelines are followed. They must also ensure that the correct safety equipment such as hard hats and steel toecap boots are provided and worn when necessary. As in all accident at work cases, negligence on the part of the employer has to be proved. If correct procedures have not been followed then this is usually straightforward. Employers have liability insurance in place to provide injury compensation to employees. A solicitor experienced in construction compensation claims will ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Below is a list of some common construction work accidents:

  • Falls from ladders/scaffolding/roofs
  • Power tool accidents
  • Being hit by falling objects
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Injuries from lifting
  • Electrocution

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Construction work accidents

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