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Corby Toxic Dust Victims Begin Birth Injury Compensation Discussions

Families affected by the Corby toxic dust scandal have begun discussion with Corby Borough Council over the amount of birth injury compensation they are set to receive.

Corby Borough has already been found guilty in a High Court Case last year. They were found negligent in their clean-up procedures of an old steel works. The clean-up of the former British Steel site released a toxic dust into the air which is ‘capable’ of harming pregnant women, causing birth injuries and limb deformities in children. The High Court has already sided with 16 families in the area who claim the dust caused birth defects of their newly born children. Children have been born with deformities such as missing fingers and short arms in the area.

Former Council leader Kelvin Glendenning has told the BBC that the council does not have “anything to regret” about the incident. He added the families of children with birth deformities “shouldn’t be blaming us [Corby Council], they shouldn’t be blaming anybody at all.” The comments have caused anger from many families involved. The current Corby Council still denies liability despite the ongoing talks and still plans to appeal the High Court findings of responsibility last year.

Talks have begun between the aggrieved families and Corby Borough Council with retired judge Sir Henry Brooke as mediator. The idea is to come up with an out of court settlement for compensation which is agreeable to all. A conclusion is expected to be reached by Friday.

The birth injury compensation payout is expected to be substantial.

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