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Council Defends Pavement Trip Compensation Payments

Enfield Borough council has defended itself against criticism of the number of successful pavement trip claims made against it.

The Enfield Independent reports that the authority paid out in 13 cases between the period of April 2010 and December 2012. These claims were made by people who had been injured tripping and falling on defective pavements that are under council control.

These 13 claims resulted in compensation totalling £60,420 being paid between the claimants.

In the paper this week, a member of the council defended their record. Chris Bond stated that with 300,000 residents in the borough, the low number of claims made against the council highlights the fact that the pavements of Enfield are safe.

However, it is also reported that 125 pavement accident claims submitted against Enfield council are ongoing. Another councillor – Henry Lamprecht – had previously stated that the council should be more pro-active in fixing defective pavements and paving slabs. This would fix problems before they lead to a fall.

This story comes at the same time as it’s revealed that Romsey County Council reportedly pays out on average £40,000 in compensation every year to people who have been injured in pavement falls.

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