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Council Pays £1.2 Million in Personal Injury Compensation

Insurers for West Sussex County Council paid out a total of almost £1.2 million in personal injury compensation, last year alone.

A Freedom of Information Request obtained by the East Grinstead Courier and Observer, revealed that £1,193,013 was paid to council staff and members of the public, after the council settled seventy two successful personal injury claims.

The largest single amount awarded was for £71,900 following a school accident, closely followed by a payment of £57,716 after someone slipped on a wet toilet floor and was left permanently disabled after breaking both their wrists.

A council employee was awarded £5,774 after suffering Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome as a result of working with vibrating power tools.

Almost half of the claims involved tripping or slipping on defective pavements and kerbs, including one case were an unnamed person suffered serious injuries, including a broken arm, a broken shoulder and severe facial bruising, which resulted in a successful claim of £53,566.

A spokesperson for West Sussex County Council stated that the council was obliged to pay compensation when it could be proved that they had been negligent, adding that all claims of this type were thoroughly investigated by their insurers.

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