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Council Pays £1.2m Compensation to Staff after Work Accidents

Leeds City Council has paid out £1.2m in compensation to staff who were injured in accidents at work.

The figure has been reported by the Yorkshire Evening Post after they put in a Freedom of Information request to the authority. This request highlighted that Leeds City Council staff on average made over 100 work accident claims every year.

During the last five years, 534 successful claims were made in total. These claims resulted in compensation of £1,248,518 being paid out to staff.

Some of the reported claims include that of a staff member who injured their back in a fall. They received compensation of £123,000. Another person, who broke their arm in a fall, received £38,000. Meanwhile, an employee who suffered a shoulder injury caused by defective equipment received £21,000.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council stated to the paper that they have detailed health and safety policies in place, and that thankfully accidents are rare.

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