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Council Pays £160k Compensation for Staff Injuries

Injured staff at North Lincolnshire Council are reported to have received compensation totalling just short of £160,000.

The Scunthorpe Telegraph reports that the figure was paid to staff who were injured since 2007. During this time 33 successful work accident claims were made by employees suffering due to incidents at work.

Example claims include that of a worker who received compensation of £5,392 when they were injured falling down an open drain cover. In a similar case, another worker received £3,250 after falling into a manhole.

Another claim resulted in a worker being awarded £1,957 after having part of their finger amputated when involved in an accident with a door. One of the larger cases saw £22,582 awarded to an employee injured whilst getting into a vehicle. The vehicle had no step in place.

The figures highlight that the amount of compensation paid by the council has actually fallen. In the five year period from 2002 to 2007, £197,500 in compensation was paid to staff. This is £39,554 more than in the last five years.

A spokesperson for North Lincolnshire Council told the paper that workplace accidents were rare, and that the health, safety and welfare of council staff was of paramount importance.

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