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Council pays compensation to pupils injured in PE class accidents

School children who have been injured whilst partaking in physical education class activities have been awarded compensation from the local councils.

Rotherham Council has stumped up over £57,000 in compensation over the last five years for accidents and property that was lost at schools in the boroughs catchment area.

£6,205 was paid out to a girl who fell down some concrete steps whilst riding a tricycle another was awarded £1,092 when she broke her wrist whilst on a trampoline and another that slipped on anti-slip felting received £1,003.

Other cases included a boy who cut his knee in a PE class that was paid over £2,500 compensation and a girl who was injured whilst playing Frisbee that received £879 compensation.

Rotherham Council also paid out over £450 compensation for lost property such as missing mobile phones, clothes and other items lost on the school grounds and when a boy who was splashed with custard when he bumped into another pupil received £5,750.

Yet when eleven year old Andrew Sanders needed to have his finger amputated after severely damaging it on a spike security fence, when climbing over it because he got locked in the school grounds after playing a game of cricket with his friends he only received £250 compensation.

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