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Council pays out over £1m Compensation for Workers Slips, Trips and Falls

Over the last five years Rotherham Borough Council has paid out one million pounds in compensation, for workers injured in slip, trip and fall accidents.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the figures have been released under a freedom of information request and cover the period since 2007.

Workers were paid compensation for numerous reasons, including a payment of £9,128 that was awarded to a council employed cleaner, who pulled a groin muscle after falling over a mop and in 2010 an admin assistant at the town hall received £14,452 after tripping over the leg of a dining table.

Other cases included a thirty eight year old housing assistant, who fell over a pothole in a works car park and was given £16,500 in personal injury compensation and a twenty five year old water sports instructor, who slipped while walking along a jetty at a country park was awarded £14,000.

The largest single payment was awarded to the family of a council road worker, who received £212,211 after he was fatally injured by a tipper wagon in 2007.

A spokesperson from the council stated that between 2007 and 2010 individually reported accidents had decreased year on year, which meant that the annual compensation awarded had also decreased significantly.

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