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Couple receive personal injury compensation when injured in an RTA

Recently a husband and wife received over £12,000 compensation for injuries they suffered in a road traffic accident

They were both injured and suffered whiplash injuries after the road traffic accident with another vehicle.

A van collided with the back of their car when the couple were waiting at a set of traffic lights. Because of the force of impact, the couple were both injured when they were projected forwards and then back in their seats, they both felt pain immediately and suffered injuries.

The couple were shaken and straight away decided to exchange details with the other party then continued with their journey.

They later felt they needed medical attention for the injuries suffered to their neck and back, which they required physiotherapy treatment. It took a number of months to recover from these injuries

The insurance company of the van driver have agreed to pay couple compensation for the injuries they suffered in the incident.

The two parties agreed to settlements of £6,400 and £6,200 in damages after negotiations.

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