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Couple receive six-figure medical negligence compensation payout after baby death.

A couple has been awarded a six-figure compensation sum after their baby was born brain-dead following hospital staff’s medical negligence.

The baby’s father, Krishna Govekar, flew into Cardiff from Goa to see his new-born baby. However, when he arrived he was told that there were huge complications with the baby’s health.

The medical negligence occurred when midwives failed to monitor the baby’s distressed heart readings, meaning he was starved of oxygen at the most vital moments.

Baby Arun was being kept alive by a life-support machine at the University Hospital of Wales. When they realised their baby had very little chance of surviving, Krishna and partner Johanne Rees had to make the almost impossible decision to turn the machine off.

Johanne has been quoted saying that the experience was the worse of her life.

The couple have now vowed to leave Wales and set up home permanently in Goa, as they say they will always blame the country for the death of their son.

Baby Arun’s death is a long line of recent medical negligence cases in the NHS. Shorter working hours are believed to have played a factor, and now Watchdog are investigating a number of NHS trusts for their standard of care.

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