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Couple to Pay £20k Compensation to Neighbour hit by Falling Guttering

A Manchester couple have been ordered to pay over £20,000 in personal injury compensation, after their neighbour was struck on the head by a two foot piece of plastic guttering.

The Telegraph newspaper is reporting that forty five year old Foroozan Panahandeh, was injured when the guttering fell from an outside storage area, located above a shared passageway, as she put out her wheelie bin in Prestwich, Manchester.

Mrs. Panahandeh, a victim support worker, claimed that she was knocked to the ground by the guttering and injured her neck, right knee and shoulder in the incident, she also stated that she suffered moderate to severe pain for three years following her accident.

Mrs. Panahandeh made an initial compensation claim against both her neighbours and Salford City Council, claiming negligence and breach of statutory duty. However the claim against the council was dropped and a county court judge ordered the couple to pay damages and court costs totalling £20,254.81.

The couple are now faced with the prospect of selling their home, after their offer to repay the debt at a rate of £50 per month was rejected by the claimant, on the grounds that it would take almost thirty four years to discharge the judgement.

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