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Couple Win Compensation for Food Poisoning after Honeymoon Illness Nightmare

A couple have won their compensation for food poisoning after suffering from a horrific illness on their honeymoon.

Francis and Beverley Mayes had opted for a two week honeymoon in the Dominican Republic staying in a five-star hotel for their luxurious honeymoon. They stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe Hotel in Cayacoa last year after their wedding in May. Francis Mayes was struck down with serious cases of salmonella and amoebic dysentery. The food and water borne illnesses are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation and cause sickness and diarrhoea. He was confined to a hospital bed for a week.

The couple decided to make a claim for compensation after finding out that they were not the first holiday makers to fall ill at the hotel. They sued the tour operator, TUI UK Ltd claiming that it is their responsibility to ensure that basic hygiene procedures are followed in hotels that they use.

Tour operator TUI UK Ltd has only just admitted liability in the case meaning that the Mayes are now in line to receive substantial compensation. TUI UK Ltd goes under the trading name of First Choice and a spokesperson confirmed that they had admitted liability but insisted that all hotels are monitored to ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed.

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