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Court to Review Claims and Compensation Procedure for vCJD Victims

Seven families, united by losing friends and family members to vCJD are taking court action over the claims and compensation procedure for victims of the disease. A trust fund set up by the government in 2002 for victims of variant Cruetzfeldt-Jakob’s disease – the human form of BSE – contained over £67,000,000 pounds. The families, including mother Annie McVey are challenging the trust fund, arguing it is simply too difficult to get the compensation they need and are entitled to. Ms McVey’s daughter tragically died of vCJC at the age of 15 in the year 2000. Although her own case has been settled, she is fighting to make the compensation process easier for fellow families afflicted by the condition.

Ms McVey claims the procedure is “overwhelming”, with claimants having to file continuous forms and receipts to receive money for victims care. The fund pays out large ‘lump sums’ of compensation as well as compensating expenses for care of victims.

The fund trustees have already recommended large scale changes to the claims and compensation procedure, but these have been opposed by the health secretary. The families of vCJC victims will now receive a High Court review.

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