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Crash Victim Wants £250k Motorbike Accident Compensation

A builder who suffered serious injury after being involved in a motorcycle crash is claiming £250,000 motorbike accident compensation.

Nicky Lambert was hit by the Ford Mondeo of Alan Murphy while riding his motorbike in Canvey last year. He was hit by the Mondeo as it tried to turn right knocking him into the road. Another driver coming the other way was unable to stop in time and ran over both of Mr Lambert’s feet as he lay in the road. The driver of the Ford Mondeo, Mr Murphy was later convicted of careless driving.

After the accident Mr Lambert had to have metal plates fitted into both of his feet, and was forced to use a wheelchair for 2 months. He has fought through his rehabilitation to be able to walk again despite continued pain. As well as the pain and problems moving, the 34 year old suffers from psychological trauma and is unable to work as a result of his injuries.

He has issued a writ at London’s High Court against Mr Murphy. He is claiming £250,000 in motorbike accident compensation, arguing he is able to prove Mr Murphy was negligent in his driving. He claims Mr Murphy failed to signal and failed to pay full attention to the road, meaning he was unaware of the presence of the Suzuki motorbike.

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