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Criminal Compensation for victim downgraded following appeal case

Two police officers told to pay criminal compensation to a man they attacked have had their convictions downgraded.

The officers were found guilty of actual bodily harm after it was alleged they assaulted a man at the Christmas party their wives were attending in Chester.

Criminal compensation of £1,200 and £1,000 from the policemen was to be paid to the victim Michael Mayers, following the original hearing at Chester Crown Court back in 2005.

However, the Court of Appeal has now agreed to downgrade the charges to common assault, meaning they now need to pay far less criminal compensation to Mr Mayers than before. Both officers must now pay £250 criminal compensation each.

It was revealed that the reason for reducing the sentence and subsequent criminal compensation was that the jury were unsure if all of the victim’s injuries were caused by the act of assault that had taken place.

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