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Criminal Injury Compensation goes unpaid for third of assault victims

Nearly £100million of criminal injuries compensation due to go to victims of criminal assault is unlikely to ever do so it has been reported by the Ministry of Justice.

The £92million figure is part of £150million overall that has been unpaid by offenders. Over the last year almost a third of compensation that courts ordered criminals to pay has not been done so accordingly.

The news follows announcements by Justice Secretary Jack Straw about a new ‘National Victims Service’ – which aims to provide additional support to families of murder and manslaughter victims.

Despite this, it will be some years before the service expands to helping all victims of crime and assault.

Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve said: “We need to send a much stronger message to offenders that they should expect to bear more of the burden to compensating victims. That means robust action against those offenders who fail to pay up.”

A spokesman from the Ministry of Justice said: “We are very tough on offenders who fail to pay and pursue them vigorously. The vast majority of fines are paid. However, the Government recognises that not all compensation is paid to the victim’s satisfaction. That’s why we are currently exploring new ways to improve the system.”

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