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Cycle Accident Compensation Claim made against Council for Poor Cycle Lane Design

A cyclist from Hove is making a cycle accident compensation claim against the local Council for an accident allegedly caused by poor cycle lane design.

Isabella Vanni suffered a fractured elbow and wrist after coming off her bike in Hove back in the summer of 2009. Her wrist fracture was so bad that it later required surgery to rectify it. The accident happened when she crashed into a kerb and was thrown into the road. She alleges that she hit a splitter island which is used to separate the cycle lane from the main road. Her legal team argue that this island contravenes the regulations set out to ensure safety, and claim the island is dangerous due to it’s proximity to a junction and the lowness of the kerb. They also claim that it is insignificantly marked with signs or hazard warning strips.

Ms Vanni claims that Brighton and Hove City Council are liable for her accident as the island contravenes planning regulations. She claims that as well as her physical injuries the accident left her nervous of cycling and unable to work. It also delayed her plans for starting a new business. She is claiming up to £50,000 in compensation. The case is ongoing.

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