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Cyclist attack victim receives £1,625 criminal compensation

A cyclist who was injured in a road rage attack has received £1,625 criminal compensation from the CICA.

Michael Greenhalgh, 65, was enjoying a leisurely cycle ride with his friend Janet Darwell on the A6 near Preston when the incident happened.

A passing car driver became agitated whilst overtaking them and honked his horn. Mr Greenhalgh waved in a polite manner to the motorist, but he pulled over and got out of his car waiting for the cycling pair.

The motorist grabbed Mr Greenhalgh, causing him to fall to ground. He suffered cuts and bruises as a result.

The motorist was later arrested for his actions and Mr Greenhalgh made an attempt to claim compensation. Although he was refused at first, he was successfully awarded criminal compensation when he put his case to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Mr Greenhalgh said: “People in cars do not have the slightest bit of thought for cyclists. The injuries I suffered could have been much worse. My compensation makes a point that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable.”

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