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Cyclist Hit by Police Car on 999 Call Makes Compensation Claim for £1Million

A cyclist, who was struck by a Police car responding to an emergency situation, is reported to be making a compensation claim for £1million.

Donald MacLeod was cycling in London when the accident happened in March 2010. He was at the junction of Northchurch Road and Southgate Road when he was struck by a police car. The police vehicle in question was on an emergency call, responding to reports of a shooting.

Mr MacLeod was wearing a helmet and high-vis vest at the time of the collision. He suffered massive life-changing injuries that have had a dramatic influence on his life. The injuries have left him unable to speak and also limited his movement. As a result of this, he requires 24/7 care.

The Evening Standard reports that with the help of his family, Mr MacLeod is now making a claim against the Metropolitan Police. His team state that the negligence of the Police Force resulted in his injuries.

Any compensation gained from a settlement will go towards providing for Mr MacLeod’s expensive care needs. His friends and family have already raised £30,000 to support him after the accident. He has yet to return home, as his house reportedly needs to be specially adapted to his needs.

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