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Cyclist Injured by Pothole in Compensation Fight

A cyclist, who was injured when a pothole caused him to crash, is reported to be in a fight for compensation.

William Gilbert was injured as he was riding his mountain bike in July 2011. He was travelling along London Road in Sleaford when he swerved to avoid some children. However, a passing car forced him back towards the edge of the road and into a large pothole.

Mr Gilbert hit the deep pothole and crashed. He suffered several injuries in the incident, and was left with damage to his shoulder and thumbs. He also re-injured his back, which had been damaged in a previous accident.

Now, the Sleaford Standard reports that Mr Gilbert is in a battle for cycle accident compensation with Lincolnshire County Council, who is responsible for the upkeep of the road.

Mr Gilbert himself has a photo of the pothole as proof that it was four inches deep at the time of the accident. After Mr Gilbert’s complaints, the council sent out an official some six days after the accident to look at the pothole.

The official decided that the hole was not deep enough to be dangerous. However, it is reported that it has since emerged that he was looking at the wrong hole.

The council also argue that the hole could have got drastically worse after the last inspection of the road, a claim which is refuted by Mr Gilbert’s legal team.

The case is thought to be ongoing.

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