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Cyclist Left Disabled by Short Sighted OAP Wins Compensation

A Buckinghamshire cyclist has been awarded more than one million pounds in compensation, after being struck by a car driven by a pensioner with eye-sight problems.

The Bucks Free Press is reporting that Christine Glennon from High Wycombe is now confined to a wheelchair, after suffering severe spinal damage after the collision in Shoemoor Lane in Frieth, near Marlow.

Following the road traffic accident it was discovered that the eighty nine year old driver involved was unable to read a number plate from the required distance of twenty metres and could only read it from a distance of just over four metres, well below the standard stipulated by the Highway Code.

Mrs. Glennon, who is now tetraplegic, told the newspaper that her life had changed dramatically after the accident and is now calling for compulsory eye tests for older drivers, to help prevent similar accidents in the future.

In an out of court settlement the cyclist, in her sixties, was awarded a compensation package believed to be in excess of one million pounds, the money will be used to provide more suitable accommodation for Christine, which will meet her specialised care needs.

The award comes shortly after tennis coach Patrice Gougam received almost four million pounds in compensation, after suffering life changing injuries at the hands of another motorist who also had defective eye-sight.

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