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Cyclist Seeks Compensation from Council for Shared Space Fall

A cyclist is seeking compensation from a local council after a fall in a shared space zone.

The Southend Echo is reporting that Karen Stanley was injured in the incident as she cycled along Southend sea front. She was cycling with her husband and had entered the newly built “shared space” zone at Marine Parade.

Shared space zones are a relatively new concept for roads, where pedestrians, cyclists and motorised vehicles all share equal right of way. The areas normally have little signs and road markings, with pavement areas often indistinguishable from the road.

The paper reports that as Mrs Stanley and her husband were cycling in the shared space, they pulled over to let a few cars through that were travelling behind them. However, in doing this, Mrs Stanley tripped over a small kerb in the zone and dislocated her ankle.

Mrs Stanley states to the paper that she is now making a personal injury claim against Southend Council, claiming the design of the shared space zone is dangerous. She claims the lack of markings and use of different colour stone blocks makes it difficult to see where the kerbs are. Parts of the zone have a kerb down from the pavement, whilst other parts are a smooth slope.

The shared space zone has already caused some controversy and complaints from users after two children were knocked down in the zone last summer.

A spokesperson for the council defended the zone, stating that it met all necessary safety requirements.

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