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Cyclist Seriously Injured by Careless Driver

A cyclist was left seriously injured after a collision with a careless driver.

Nigel Barclay was cycling close to his home in Hillside, London at the time of the incident. He was getting close to his house, so with just a hundred metres to go he took off his helmet.

However, as he was cycling these last hundred metres downhill, a car turned right into his path and they collided. Mr Barclay suffered serious multiple injuries in the crash, including a fractured skull and a brain injury. The brain injury has left him without hearing in one ear and with double vision in one eye.

Mr Barclay was rushed to hospital after the accident, where he was also treated for broken bones in his arms, legs and pelvis. He spent a total of two months in hospital, and has not been able to return to work since.

The driver of the car that collided with Mr Barclay was convicted of driving without due care and attention in regards to the incident. He was punished with a fine of £300 and his license was endorsed with four penalty points.

Mr Barclay is reported to have told This is Local London that he believes the punishment handed to the driver was too lenient. It is also reported that he is now making a cycle claim for damages from the insurers of the car driver.

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