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Cyclist Wins £5,000 Compensation after Pot-Hole Accident

A Buckinghamshire cyclist suffered serious personal injury, when he was thrown from his cycle after hitting a pot-hole.

The Slough and South Bucks Observer is reporting that sixty two year old James Tarrant, from Windsor, was cycling to work when he hit the pot-hole in Bangor Road, Iver and was thrown over the handle bars.

Mr. Tarrant injured his arm and wrist and required dental work following the accident, he told the newspaper that he had lights on his bike but the road he was travelling on was poorly lit, so he didn’t see the pot-hole until the last minute.

He made a claim for cycle injury compensation against Buckinghamshire County Council, who admitted liability for the incident and agreed to pay Mr. Tarrant a total of £4,191.63 in damages, for his pain and suffering and to cover the cost of his dental work.

Buckinghamshire County Council have an active policy of encouraging people to cycle and are partnered with ‘Cycling England’, whose slogan is “more people cycling, more safely, more often”.

A representative from Mr. Tarrant’s legal team stated that more and more cases of personal injury caused by pot-holes were being reported, not only by cyclists but also by pedestrians and motorists.

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