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Cyclist Wins Compensation after Being Dragged under Wheels of a Bus

A university student has won her claim for compensation, after she suffered serious personal injury after being dragged under the wheels of a bus.

Thirty eight year old Dongmin Yan was hospitalised for six months, after her bicycle was involved in a collision with a double-decker bus at a busy roundabout.

The student suffered horrendous injuries in the accident including a broken pelvis, a broken arm and collarbone, fractures to her ribs as well as stomach injuries which required skin grafts.

She also contracted MRSA and deep vein thrombosis while in hospital and has been left with residual pain and severe scarring as a result of her surgery.

After seeking legal advice Ms Yan launched a cycle accident injury claim against bus company Lothian Buses, originally claiming £500,000 in damages, after alleging that the driver of the bus had been negligent.

Following negotiation the bus company has now settled the claim but the final sum awarded has not been disclosed.

Ms Yan, who had been studying Chinese cultural studies, had hoped to take up a teaching degree in order to be able to teach Chinese in the United Kingdom but unfortunately had to abandon her plans following the accident.

A spokesperson from Lothian Buses stated that it was not company policy to comment on individual cases.

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