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Decline in Offshore Worker Injuries

The number of workers suffering injuries in incidents on offshore rigs has declined according to official figures.

The figures, which are reported in the Offshore Safety Statistics Bulletin by the Health and Safety Executive, show a reduction in the number of offshore oil and gas leaks. Such leaks have the potential to cause serious incidents that put workers safety at risk.

There were 52 major and 75 minor offshore oil and gas leaks in the 2011/2012 reporting period. This is down from 73 major leaks and 93 minor in the previous year.

The injury rate of offshore workers also fell in the same period from 152 per 100,000 to 131 per 100,000. Unfortunately, the statistics highlight that two workers were fatally injured, the first fatalities to offshore workers to be recorded since 2007.

The head of the Health and Safety Executive’s Offshore Safety Division warned the industry not to get complacent on safety despite the improvement in the figures. He stated that although the downward trend in oil and gas releases was welcomed, work needed to be continued by the industry. He also stated that fatalities among offshore workers are unacceptable despite the high-risk nature of the industry.

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