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Delivery Driver wins Compensation after being Attacked by Dog

An East Yorkshire delivery man has won a five figure sum in compensation, after being attacked by a Japanese fighting dog.

Fifty three year old Derek Brady, from Hull, was delivering parcels to a house in Gransmoor, close to Bridlington, however when he realised the owners were not at home, he made the decision to leave the two packages in a nearby shed.

He had noticed the Akita, which was tied up and appeared to be fairly placid, as he approached the property but as he wrote out a delivery note the dog attacked him, plunging its teeth into his calf.

Mr. Brady managed to fight the animal off and scramble back to his van, an ambulance was called and he was rushed to the Hull Royal Infirmary for emergency treatment and later to the Castle Hill Hospital for surgery and a skin graft.

He told the Hull Daily Mail newspaper that his wound was so deep that he could see bone sticking out; he is now calling for tighter controls on the Akita breed and thinks they should be added to the list of dogs included in the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Mr. Brady launched a claim for dog bite compensation against the dogs’ owners and was awarded a five figure sun in compensation, from their home insurance company.

The dog was seized by police officers and subsequently destroyed.

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