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Disabled Grandmother Seeks Compensation after Fall at Home

A sixty eight year old grandmother is seeking compensation, after a fall at home left her needing hospital treatment.

The Paisley Daily Express is reporting that Renfrewshire Council sent out contractors to carry out refurbishment work at the home of Renfrew widow Mary McLaughlin, who lives in sheltered housing owned by the council.

However Mrs. McLaughlin claims that the renovation work left her home in a dangerous condition, with uneven floorboards which she claims resulted in her tripping over a carpet bar, which had not been replaced properly because of the dodgy flooring.

Mrs. McLaughlin, who suffers from numerous health problems, required hospital treatment after the accident, which left her badly bruised and swollen and she is now seeking personal injury compensation from the contractors responsible.

She told the newspaper that the uneven flooring has still not been repaired and she is worried that this might result in another accident; she added that she has been living with the wonky floorboards since last year and so far nothing has been done about the problem.

A spokesperson for the council stated that the authority had now arranged for its own workmen to visit the house and carry out any necessary repairs.

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