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Dog Attacks on Postal Workers cause Concern for Union

Later on today, the Communication Workers Union will tell the Government its concern about postal workers being attacked by dogs, and the Government’s lack of action on relevant legislation.

An official for the CWU will speak in front of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee late this afternoon. He will reportedly tell the committee that politicians are endangering the health of people by failing to change dangerous dog legislation in England.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have already tightened up laws relating to dangerous dogs, whilst legislators in Wales are planning to do so. However, the Union states that England is dragging its feet in making legislative changes.

The CWU – which represents 200,000 postal and telecom workers – reports that savage dog attacks are on the rise. They state that 5,000 dog attacks on postal workers happen every year, and claim that 70% of such attacks take place on private property. Currently, the law regarding dangerous dogs does not apply to attacks on private property, and they want the Dangerous Dogs Act changed accordingly.

As well as extending laws to cover private property, the CWU reportedly wants compulsory micro-chipping introduced for dogs. They have also expressed concern over planned changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme which could see victims miss out on dog attack compensation that they can currently claim as innocent victims of crime.

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