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Driver Mostly to Blame for Car Accident that left Pedestrian Brain Damaged

A Southampton man who was left severely brain damaged after being run-over by a car, has won a major legal battle in his fight for compensation.

The Southern Daily Echo is reporting that forty year old Craig Tavares, of Hulton Close, was left with life changing injuries after he was knocked down by a car in St Mary Street, Southampton.

Mr. Tavares, who was studying to become a super-yacht skipper, is now unable to walk more than a short distance, has difficulties with his balance and has anger management issues.

Following a hearing at the High Court in London, it was ruled that the twenty one year old driver of the vehicle involved, was largely to blame for the accident, as she had been driving too fast and had scant regard for the responsibilities involved with being a motorist.

However the judge also ruled that Mr. Tavares was partly at fault, as he had failed to double check for oncoming vehicles as he crossed St Mary Street.

The decision now opens the door for Mr. Tavares to claim compensation against the driver’s insurers and due to the severity of his injuries; this could possibly run into millions of pounds.

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