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Driver Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim for Bullying

A driver from Wales has received £3,300 compensation after he won his unfair dismissal claim at an employment tribunal in Cardiff. Alex Frowd, a van driver for Hex Holdings Ltd claimed his employer Julie Cummings was unfairly aggressive towards him. He told the tribunal he even feared that Ms Cummings aggression would get physical. Mr Frowd stated “I was terrified she was going to hit me…She would fly into a temper at the most trivial of things.”

The 26 year old van driver was sacked after his van was spotted parked four times near the firm’s office at times when he should have been working. Ms Cummings argued that Mr Frowd had made no allegations of bullying while he had been in employment of the company and stated after the case that “I can swear a million per cent I did not bully him.” The employment tribunal found that although they observed Mr Frowd’s evidence to be unreliable and Ms Cummings evidence truthful, the company itself had failed to follow the correct procedures in relieving him of his employment. The tribunal therefore awarded Mr Frowd with £3,300 in compensation for unfair dismissal.

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