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Drivers Sued for Millions in Car Accident Compensation for Tragic Crash

Two drivers who were involved in a tragic head-on crash are being sued for millions of pounds in car accident compensation.

Matthew Scott and Lisa Bell were the drivers of the two vehicles involved in the smash on the A596 back in 2004. Tragically, siblings Liz Haughan and Steve Harrison were killed in the incident and brother William Harrison was seriously injured.

One of the drivers – Matthew Scott was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving back in 2005 and was sentenced to five years in jail. He was driving his Sierra Cosworth at 80mph as he hit Lisa Bell’s car head-on. Lisa Bell’s car was split into two by the force of the impact. In Court witnesses reported seeing Mr Scott driving recklessly and ‘like a formula 1 driver.’ He was allegedly travelling that fast as he was rushing to get to the cinema. Liability for the crash has already been set at 80% Matthew Scott and 20% Lisa Bell.

Now the crash is the subject of a large compensation claim from the surviving passenger William and the children and widows of the killed brother and sister. William suffered a fractured skull as well as numerous internal injuries. Steve left behind a wife and four daughters, while Liz left behind a husband and two sons.

A preliminary hearing has just taken place at London’s High Court with the full hearing expected towards the end of the year. Millions of pounds in compensation could be possibly awarded for this tragic incident.

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