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Drunk Pedestrian Claims Lorry Accident Compensation after being Hit by 44 ton Truck

A drunk pedestrian who was hit by a 44 ton truck is claiming a substantial amount of lorry accident compensation.

Carl Heaven had been out drinking with friends in Abingdon when the incident occurred in the early hours of June 20, 2007. The driver of the lorry, Mr Williams, who was driving for Containerlift Services, reports seeing the revellers “larking around” in the middle of the road.

After one of the revellers waved at the driver, he presumed this to mean that the road was now clear and reversed his vehicle. Mr Heaven claims that he was caught by the back wheels of the truck and dragged down the road for a significant distance.

Mr Heaven suffered serious injuries in the accident, breaking bones in both arms and his left leg. Carl – who before the accident worked as a plumber – claims that he could not work for seven months after the incident due to the severity of the injuries he sustained.

He is now seeking compensation from Containerlift Movement Solutions as he claims their driver was responsible for the incident. He states that given the time of night, the driver should have realised that he and his friends were drunk, and as such were likely to behave unpredictably. He also states the driver should have been travelling at a speed “almost stationary” so that he could fully observe the men in his mirrors.

If successful, a compensation settlement could come to a significant amount due to the severity of his injuries, and the loss of earnings he suffered. A date for the court hearing has not yet been set.

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