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E.Coli outbreak victims start to make compensation claims

A farm park in Surrey is likely to be facing a number of compensation claims for negligence after an outbreak of E.coli made dozens of children sick.

Godstone Farm in Surrey is a popular visitor attraction for families with young children, and has closed while Health Protection Agency representatives investigate the outbreak.

The symptoms have so far been fairly severe, leading to the hospitalisation of many children. Three-year old Alfie Weaver had to receive urgent treatment after suffering a kidney failure, whilst others have had similar illnesses.

The solicitor firm representing Weaver said: “The owners of Godstone Farm had a duty to ensure their premises were safe for the public and it is found that they have failed in this duty of care, it is likely a number of claims will be made which could amount to a payout total in excess of hundreds and thousands of pounds.”

Government officials are now considering whether to change its guidelines on children’s contact with farm animals.

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