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Egg Worker Injures Hand in Bird Feed Machine

A worker at a farming company in Suffolk was injured when his hand was caught in a bird feed machine.

Luke Parker was employed at Green Label Farms LLP at the time of the accident in November 2011. He worked as an egg collector at the company, which specialises in the breeding of ducks.

On the day of the incident, after collecting eggs, he noticed that one of the bird feed lines had stopped and wasn’t running. This was a common occurrence and Mr Parker attempted to fix the problem.

He opened the cover of a chamber and began to try and scoop out grain that was covering a sensor and causing the line to stop moving. As he was doing this, the line started up again but his sleeve became caught in the machine. This caused his hand to be pulled into the machinery.

He managed to stop the line by covering the sensor again and called a colleague for help. However, his hand had been damaged in the accident and he had suffered nerve damage.

The HSE investigated and found no safe system of work was in place for clearing blockages on the feed line. Power to the machine should have been isolated before workers put their hands in the chamber to remove grain.

Green Label Farms LLP have been fined £5,000 at court this week in relation to safety breaches that caused the accident.

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