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Electrocuted in accident at work – worker shows power of new ‘intelligent’ limbs

A worker from the industrial sector who lost his arms in an accident at work has been given innovative ‘thought powered’ limbs.

Christian Kandlbauer was electrocuted in 2005 in a horrific accident which saw 20,000 volts pass through his hands, arms and to the rest of his body.

He then had to go through the agonising procedure of having both of his arms amputated, as the damage caused was beyond repair.

However, after two more years and further surgery to relocate the nerves in his arms, he became the world’s first recipient of the ‘intelligent’ artificial limbs.

The new, mechanical arms are controlled in very much the same way normal limbs are, with the electrical impulses from the brain sending a message to the nerve endings which causes the reaction and movement.

Despite his accident at work, Mr Kandlbauer hasn’t been deterred by injuries and has returned to work at the same company who took him on as an apprentice mechanic.

Furthermore, his artificial limbs have enabled him to learn to drive once again, and he has recently re-passed his driving test – demonstrating the abilities of the ‘intelligent’ mechanical arms.

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