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‘Enthusiastic’ Police Officer caused Whiplash Injury

An overly enthusiastic Police Officer caused two people whiplash injuries after he crashed his patrol car into a bus.

The incident happened in August last year in Preston, Lancashire. PC Little was driving his BMW estate patrol car at the time of the accident.

The Police Officer was searching for a stolen vehicle as he travelled along the A6 Garstang Road. He passed through a red light at the junction with Woodplumpton Road and crashed into the side of a bus.

The driver of the bus and its single passenger both suffered whiplash injuries in the collision. Liverpool Crown Court heard recently that the speed of the BMW at the point of collision was 39 mph. The police car only braked half a second before the impact of the accident, showing that he did not significantly reduce his speed at the junction despite the fact that both parties had a restricted view.

The Lancashire Evening Post reports that PC Little has just pleaded guilty to driving dangerously in regards to the incident. He was fined £2,000 and banned from driving for 12 months.

The court heard that PC Little was an excellent police officer and an advanced driver. The judge concluded that the officer had let enthusiasm get the better of him in what was not an emergency situation.

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