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Ex-NHS worker wins injury compensation for stress at work.

A former NHS health worker has been awarded a compensation payout for work-related psychological stress.

The retired health worker, who had a mainly office-based role, is due to receive £370,550, whilst receiving a further £24,000 every year for the rest of his life.

The Birmingham City Hospital had previously been refusing to pay compensation to the man, who retired in 1996 due to stress. However, they have now been ordered to make the payment by the Department of Health. Health Secretary Andy Burnham is believed to intervene if the payment is not made within two weeks.

Spokeswoman for the hospital Jessamy Kinghorn said that they were “reluctantly” paying the incapacity compensation despite confusion over which organisation was actually responsible after the original hospital trust dissolved in 2002.

The solicitor firm representing the case said; “Working in the public sector does seem to be stressful and two-thirds of the stress at work cases I get are from jobs in the council or NHS.”

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